1992 Activity: Persistence Pays Off


The remarkable story that led Mather and Smoot to discover the minute temperature variations in the cosmic microwave background is a case study in persistence.  Hundreds of scientists and engineers around the world contributed to this effort, trying a variety of different methods until finally the COBEsatellite returned data.  These data showed that there were indeed tiny variations in temperature, as would be expected if the Big Bang theory could account for the clumping of matter needed to form stars and galaxies.
To gain insight into the value of persistence in your own life, recall a time when you had an idea that you would not give up, until it led to eventual success.  Write down your story in a few paragraphs that answers some fundamental questions.  
What was your goal?
Why was it difficult to achieve?
What barriers did you have to overcome?
Were there times when you considered giving up?
What kept you going?
How did it feel to eventually succeed?