1993 Activity: Investigate the Hubble Ultra Deep Field


Almost every point of light in the Ultra Deep Field image is a galaxy.  Download the highest resolution image that your computer can handle, after first reading the warning on the Hubble site at: http://hubblesite.org/gallery/album/the_universe/pr2004007m/warn/
Zoom in gradually, watching the images grow until the individual pixels become bothersome.  
Find a part of the image that shows the shapes of several galaxies, and compare the shapes with the types of galaxies shown below.  Tally the number of galaxies of different types.  Are they distributed randomly?  Or is one type of galaxy more common than another?
Types of Galaxies. Image copyright by AURA/NOA/NSF. Courtesy of AURA/STScl/NASA.
Further ideas for exploring the Hubble Deep Field images can be found at: